Ten Years of Fire Talk Records | AdHoc Presents

Fire Talk has stood the test of time, continuing to welcome rising indie stars under the same logo for exactly a decade (Trevor admits to reworking it with graphic designers multiple times over the years, with little success). Now, on September 5th, three of those bands— Chicago indie rockers Dehd, fellow Windy City post-punk group Deeper, and New York’s own tightly-wound punk trio Patio—are uniting for two special anniversary shows in Chicago and New York City.

Talking Nightmares with La Luz’s Shana Cleveland

No band attacks vocal harmonies with as much commanding intensity as Los Angeles-based La Luz. Their eerie brand of surf-rock has always had something cinematic about it, thanks in no small part to their deadly four-part crooning. Their latest outing, Floating Features, finds the band dragging those screen dreams into the open. It’s simultaneously their most immediately rewarding record and their slowest burning, holding you captive with vibrant production and razor-sharp songwriting. Make no mi

BLUE ROOM + INTERVIEW: Gracie and Rachel - Upside Down

We entertained some, of course. It is definitely a dance with duality that we’re looking to share with our music: Rachel’s classical background in violin, and my more contemporary background in songwriting and piano. We try to convey that visually as well—myself in all white, Rachel in all black. It was just really important to have our different personas both included, and dropping our last names just felt like the most honest way to do that.

REVIEW: Jean Grae & Quelle Chris - Everything's Fine

In keeping with the loud social messaging of the record, Everything’s Fine calls in a surprising team of comic heavyweights to land the record’s least subtle punches in a series of entrancing skits. The opening is purely the duo, with a cameo by future cyborg “L-Tron 8000,” in a day-time TV game show setting where “there’s only one answer to everything,” but John Hodgman and Nick Offerman weave their way into mix over time.

PREMIERE: The Channels - See No Reason

Deeply apocalyptic and hauntingly personal, the no-wave clatter of The Channels will give you the creeps for days on end in the best of ways. Led by guitarist-vocalist Wes Kaplan—whose solo project, The Craters, also released a phenomenal record last year—the band creates roaring rhythmic conversations, locking into hellish, nerve-wracking grooves that call to mind noise pioneers Arab on Radar and DNA and grinding them to pieces with caustic precision.

REVIEW: Palm - Rock Island

Question how those guitars are dancing impossible steps around the drums, how the dimensions of the songs shrink and expand so freely, or why steel drums of all things are just about everywhere, and you’ll scratch your head all day long. Sink into it, let it sweep you away, take in the hazy tropical scenery. The more you surrender, the more vibrant and addicting it becomes. Spend a day on Rock Island and you might end up pleasantly marooned.
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