About Me

     Since leaving my hometown of Orlando, FL for my undergraduate education at Brown, music and artist development have been my guiding focus. While at Brown, I chaired the Brown Concert Agency, which used an annual budget of around $300,000 to book talent for our Spring Weekend concert series. Through that organization, I organized a student event with attendance of about 5,000, working with police, fire, catering, and stage crews to bring both top-tier recording artists and rising talent to Brown. Being able to anticipate which artists would make a breakthrough in popularity was key, and under my leadership, we were able to book Kendrick Lamar, Chance the Rapper, and Kelela well before their explosions in popularity would have placed them out of our financial reach. Musical tastes among students are also incredibly diverse, and we also brought rock acts such as Deerhunter and Dirty Projectors, and electronic acts like Diplo and Hudson Mohawke to round out the lineups. Creating incredible concert experiences for students gave me a serious education in keeping an open mind and being receptive to a constantly changing music and media landscape.

     Arriving in Boston after my undergrad was complete, my interests shifted towards the smaller world of DIY, and I decided to apply my writing skills as an interviewer and album reviewer for local blogs Boston Hassle and Post-Trash. Breaking into that scene was a new test: the artists I worked with, including Pill (NYC), Chris Cohen, and Mild High Club, were easier to contact, but it felt more important than ever to write stories that connected the artist to the listener in a sensitive and personal manner. Working with bands that tour year round to support their creative endeavors brought me into a full realization of the power of good publicity - that creating a narrative that people could relate to and be inspired by could go much further towards creating new intimacies between artist and fan. A well-written concert review or intimate interview is a tremendous boost, and it feels incredible to play a role moving the culture of music forward. Since landing in New York, I’ve begun working for another local blog as a staff writer, ThrdCoast, to continue that mission.